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ISO 9001-2000 Certification BY BVQI (Obtained on Sept, 2003)
ISO 14001-2004 Certification BY BVQI (Obtained on Sept, 2006)
TS16949 Certification BY BVQI (Obtained on Sept, 2004)
TPM Kicked off TPM- Pre-Audit By JIPM, Japan ( Aug, 2003) (May, 2007)
5’ S Launched on Implementation targeted by

( Nov, 2003) ( Mar, 2008)

TPM Certified By JIPM, Japan (Obtained on Feb, 2008)


The key factors behind this astronomical success and achievements are:

Changed Vision of Management

  • Decentralization of power thus strengthening decision making possible at various levels.

  • Made available adequate stock of spares for maintenance and operation. Insistence and practice of modular concept in changing the water cooled panels in EOF which has virtually eliminated water leakage. This brought a revolution SMS in increasing the machine availability and helped gain significant improvements in the quality of products.

  • Highest importance to Safety, House keeping, Greenery, Roads and concreting critical areas of shop floors (which helped in minimizing the wastage of costly inputs).

  • Emphasize on improving the quality of people by way of training, which made 'Learning' a way of work life at various levels. Training is one of major motivating factors by which positive mental forces can be evoked to realize one's potential.

  • Concerted focus on energy management.

Efforts and Innovation of Technical Team

  • Excellent performance of Iron making team in the areas of Productivity, increased campaign life of lining, reduced coke cost, increased machine availability, etc.

  • Many mile stones are attained in RMS which has been a model shop for us.

  • In SMS we have adopted the concept of "Small improvements" which have impacted in a way in performance improvement. The operations and maintenance teams have been thinking differently, innovatively and continuously on small improvement in all the areas. Some of the break through achieved in SMS is listed below as a sample:

    • Elimination of initial chocking in caster increased the reliability and confidence of senior shift in-charges to give clearance to pour the next heat without waiting for cast start of lead heat. It finally increased the cast throughput.

    • Introduction of flying to help cope up with market demand of blooms and increase in caster throughput.

    • Overall improvement in caster throughput.

    • An admirable support of engineering team by increasing the availability of equipments with minimum shutdown time, stopping equipment for preventive maintenance.

    • Success in longer sequence of JIS S$8C helped in caster throughput.

    • Reduction of ball bearing heat process time by isolating the rinsing time from process time LRF.

    • The critical C38+N2 grade which had low productivity is now added to the category of normal grade due to the efforts put in by LRF team.

    • Change in the angle of HM launder reduced the frequency of de-skulling and helped in increase the availability of EOF.

    • Introduction of tundish water modeling has helped in increased the overall yield in SMS.

    • Improvement in EOF refractory lining life.

    • Increase in length of sequence of resulphurized critical grades by modifying SEN.

    • In-house automation in many areas by the automation cell.

Roll of Common Services Team

In our CEO's Words "Everyone inside this premises from gate No.1 to gate No.2 has contributed in these wonderful achievements". Needless to mention that all the departments, be it Finance, Commercial, Stores, HR & Admin, Security and MIS have all played their role to the hilt, which contributed to the overall growth in HSL. But one thing, which we have noticed is, apart from their role in the growth of our Company, we have been getting appreciative glances from them which makes us more and more confident.