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1.  The Mediclaim facility is introduced in the company for the benefit of employees to meet the medical expenses.

2.  Benevolent fund scheme is introduced in the company to help the employees in case of  emergency.

3.  Personal Group Accident Policy has been obtained wherein all employees are covered. This policy ensures for a sum of up to Rs. 3 lacs assured in case any employee succumbed to accidental injuries.

4.  Gratuity Policy : All the employees are covered under the Gratuity scheme.

5.  Superannuation Policy:  Employees are covered under Superannuation scheme subject to the superannuation trust rules wherein the Management will contribute on behalf of the employee10% basic of the salary every month.

6.  All employees are covered under provident fund rules wherein the employee will contribute to the fund as per the rules of the P.F. Act. Management also contribute equal amount to the fund a/c deposited with P.F. Commissioner, Bellary.

7.  Canteen:  All the employees & contract workers avail the canteen facility at subsidized rates.

8.  Plant Medical Unit: There is periodical health check ups of employees conducted and give feed back to employees about their health.

9.  All the workmen department-wise sent for picnic with families once in a year.

10. Training at all levels is a very integral part of operations at Hospet Steels. The employees are given on-the-job technical training, training for motivation, management skills, health care and life enrichment.

11. At the end of the year, the employees are rewarded with annual increments based on their performance, attendance and discipline.

12.Every year, all workers are provided two pairs of uniform and safety gear free of cost.


1.  Hospet Steels is supporting five schools in Ginigera and Kanakapura villages by way of furniture, fixtures, sports goods, etc., every year on 15th August. Cash prizes and trophies are given to the 1st and 2nd rank holding boy & girl in middle school as well as high school final examination. Trophies are also given to the best sportsman of the school.

2. Eye camp was conducted at Ginigera along with Rotary Club of Hospet in which 774 elderly men & women of the neighbouring villages got their eyes tested. 74 patients were operated and 240 were given spectacles free of cost.

3. Street lamps worth of Rs.1.75 lakhs were provided in the neighbouring villages.

4. Rs.2.5 lakhs was donated for the land to build Primary Health Centre at Ginigera.

5.  Hospet Steels had sponsored five students of land sellers for ITI course after which they were offered jobs in the company.

6.  About 108 land sellers of Kanakapura, Ginigera, Hale Kanakapura, Hosahalli, etc., were given jobs in the company apart from the compensation paid for the land.

7. Sadguru Sri Sri Ravishankar Swamiji Maha Satsang was organised at Hospet. People around Hospet, Torangallu, Koppal attended the Maha Satsang programme in which they were exposed to “The Art of Living”, Meditation and the blessings of the Guruji.

8. Company Doctor is available three days in a week at the Community centre for two hours for free check up and consultation for the residents of neighbouring villages.

9. Company has& sponsored for the renovation of the Basket ball court at the Vijayanagar College Ground at Hospet.

10.  The company holds cricket tournament every year in which fifteen teams participate from Hospet, Bellary, Koppal, Gadag and Hubli regions.

11.To improve the environment inside the factory premises, the company has planted more than 15,000 trees of different species which is already making a positive impact to create the green belt in the neighbourhood.

12. Constructed class rooms for Ginigera High School and Hosa Kanakapura primary school at a cost of Rs. 9 Lakhs. We have also constructed compound wall for Primary school at Hosa Kanakapur and Kanakapur Tanda at a cost of Rs. 3 Lakhs.

13. The company has been providing drinking water from its borewells to the neighbouring villages whenever required.

14. The company has undertaken the task of providing street lights in Jawahar Road, Koppal at a cost of Rs. 13 Lakhs.

15. Three Personal Computers are donated to near by village school.

16. School children at nearby villages are supported by issuing school bags.